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The 1903 Passport Wallet is a specially-designed wallet for pilots who need to keep their important documents organized and secure. It is made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. The document holder has 3 card slots for an ID or pilot certificate, 1 sleeve for a medical certificate, 1 passport pocket, and 1 radio license slot, making it the perfect choice for any pilot who wants to stay organized while traveling.


The handmade 1903 Passport Wallet is made from vegetable-tanned leather. Exclusively available in Jet Black or Executive Brown leather. The design is slim, with dimensions of 5.5"L x 4" W x 0.25' H, making it convenient and easy to carry.


The 1903 Passport Wallet has an additional layer of RFID-blocking technology, meaning that your data, personal information, and identity are kept safe and secure during travel or work. The document holder is perfect for pilots who need to keep their documents organized and in one place, making it easy to access them when needed.


Use the 1903 Passport Wallet to organize and secure important documents such as pilot certificates, medical certificates, passports, credit cards, and other essential items. The card slots make it easy to view and access documents, while the additional RFID-blocking technology provides extra security against data and identity theft during travel or work.

Quality Assurance:

The 1903 Passport Wallet is made with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. It is handmade to perfection, meaning that each piece is unique and of the highest quality. However, please note that engraving is not available for all leather variants.


Get your hands on the 1903 Passport Wallet today and stay organized and secure while traveling or working as a pilot. Choose your preferred leather type and order now to experience the benefits of this high-quality and specially-designed document holder.

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Customer Reviews

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Very Happy With My Purchase

I wanted to move all of my aviation documents from my primary wallet into something that held everything aviation-related in my headset case. This wallet holds my medical certificate, passport, DC SFRA card, FCC RROP, CFI, ATP, and company CC in one wallet.


The wallet fits everything as advertised and is well made!

Alison Middleton
Great wallet

Excellent wallet. Fit for purpose

5 stars for a great product

As a military officer transitioning to 121 flying, I needed a wallet that held all my documents and remained accessible in my flight bag. I am happy that I found the 1903! It is a perfect size and has proven durable so far! Pilots I fly with ask where I purchased the wallet, and I am happy to share Aviwallet with my new colleagues!

Robert Blakely

Love it!! Holds most of my certifications.

Just like the name hints, the 1903 is where it all started.

From the first flight, to the first wallet of our company. The 1903 is a true classic.

Bold & iconic

Whatever the mission is, AviWallet has your back

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