Founder & Owner

Founder & Owner

As I progressed through training to become a career pilot, the number of certificates I needed to carry grew. Because the FAA requires pilots to carry a government issued photo ID, a current medical certificate, and a pilot certificate, this created a surplus of certificates to hold in my common, everyday wallet. If I left my wallet at home, my day was over before it ever began. This, however, is not an uncommon occurrence. For this reason, I have seen fellow friends in the airline carrying around plastic bags for all of their certificates and documents. Professionalism is stressed from day one of pilot training: organization, attention to detail, and preparation, all of which go a long way in the aviation industry. So I knew there was a better way.

Our products at AviWallet are made with the highest quality leather. That is why we offer a three-year warranty on all our wallets. It is of paramount importance that you are completely satisfied with your experience with AviWallet. If you have any questions about us, our products, shipping, or anything else related to your purchase, please feel free to get in touch. Let us know how we can make our company, like our wallets, last the test of time.



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